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A technology re-use initiative from REDIVIVUS


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Super Fast payment, Fair prices, Free shipping from RediVIVUS UK technology reuse Experts

           Reasons to choose Sell my Laptop UK :-

Great Prices

Hassle free & Easy

All your data securely wiped  

FREE posting and packing box

Experienced IT dealers & recyclers

Sell my Laptop UK - Sell Laptop with RediVIVUS Laptop Recycling

You’ve decided you want to realise the £CASH value in your old your old lap tops by selling them to us at RediVIVUS.

You’ve already made a good decision because in addition to MAKING MONEY £££ you’ll be helping the environment as “RE USE” is the first step in good recycling practice and the reason we at RediVIVUS & Sell my laptop UK were formed!

By  selling your old laptop with us you are selling to a reliable UK company who will ensure that it gets re used by someone else or properly recycled.

When you’ve upgraded to a new machine don’t just leave the old one lying around, cluttering your home, gathering dust and depreciating - SELL IT FOR CASH NOW.


We regularly update our prices database to ensure that you get the best deal when you sell your laptop to us. We will not be beaten on price!

What about my personal data?

On receipt our skilled recycling technicians will immediately wipe your hard drive to UK Government standards removing any personal data stored on it; ideal if you have not properly deleted everything you should. For a small fee we can send you a certificate to certify and guarantee that this has been done. In fact selling your laptop online has never been so safe or secure.

Business Laptop Recycling Solutions - Recycle Laptop for Cash

Sell my Laptop UK are Laptop Recycling experts and we can help corporate users both large and small get the best price for resale and recycling of valuable business computer equipment estates and provide an auditable and fully secure process to sell laptop and other IT assets. Contact us for more details. Back to top.


Sell Laptop with Redivivus; sell laptop the easy way

Click start to get going.
We send you a box & free post label
You put your laptop inside and place the postage paid shipping label on the box.
We send you the CASH
We receive your laptop & send you a cheque, bank transfer or pay into to your PayPal account...
Whichever you prefer.

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