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Sell my laptop UK is a service brought to you by RediVIVUS. Redivivus is Latin for recycling literally meaning.. “come back to life; revived”.

The company was started by a group of IT & Environmental professionals to help people, companies & organisations securely and ethically recycle their Laptops & other IT equipment, by selling it and thus making it available for re-use by others the absolute best and most efficient way to recycle anything. And the big upside is you get instant cash for your laptop.

That said, we are definitely not a waste disposal company. With our IT knowledge and skills we are able to effectively refurbish, update and redeploy most of the IT equipment that we receive so that it begin its second life. Where we differ from other companies is that we can offer additional services that safeguard your data when you sell to us such as government standard certified data destruction.

Where we can repair or refurbish we will arrange for your lap top to be recycled in accordance with legally compliant and best recycling practice. Your data will still be safe as we physically destroy any drives or other data bearing items if they cannot be electronically wiped clean.

Ethical laptop disposal & recycling

Using our service means that we keep used IT equipment out of landfill or being dumped somewhere it should not be meaning you can be sure that when you sell your old laptops to us, you are acting ethically & doing what is best for the environment and making some money. Our service is friendly, professional and reliable and our staff are always happy to make the process as easy and painless as possible. Give them a call.

Sell Old Laptop

To sell your old laptops to us, follow our four steps process – get a quote, put the laptop the special packing box we send you, hand it in at the Post Office  then count your cash just a few days later!

No wonder that Redivivus and are the first choice when people decide they want to their sell old laptops.

And you can rest assured that from start to finish you will be in the hands of experts and receive a safe and secure service.

Any doubts or concerns just contact us and we’ll get get back to you right away.

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Sell my Laptop UK? 
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Sell my Laptop UK
A technology re-use initiative from REDIVIVUS


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