Computer & lap top hard disk drives - data destruction

Physical Disk Destruction

One of the alternative to using specialist software to remove the data from a hard drive is to physically destroy the disk drive. We at RediVivus generally don’t use this method as it can render a perfectly usable laptop unsalable and thus we don’t see it as the most environmentally or financially best solution.

There are, however, occasions when we do physically destroy drives; usually when there is a fault with the hard drive itself  which would prevent us from doing a software wipe. A problem with the laptop itself, per se, might not prevent us from wiping the drive as we can often remove it and wipe it independently of its host machine using specialist kit available to us. Sometimes a disk can be wiped or sanitised using a degausser to magnetically clean it but this also renders the drive unsuable.

Another downside of physical destruction is that the remains of the drive will then have to be recycled. If this is the case we only ever use licensed recycling partners accredited by the UK Environment Agency to do this for us and they ensure that all the materials and components of any destroyed drive will be recovered and not sent to land fill. We also perform our own due diligence checks and recognise our duty of care obligations by making periodic checks on our recycling partners to ensure that they operate to the high standards that we insist upon

To add to our environmental credentials our crushing machine uses no electricity; instead using a combination of extreme force and a conical steel punch to pierce, bend and then mangle the hard drive housings and shatter platters (which contain the data) beyond any physical repair.

Do not be tempted to destroy your hard drive yourself, leave the professionals to do it for you. We recommended that you do not attempt the physical destruction of any part of your computer or hard drive by any means without  the help and or  supervision of an experienced professional as computers contain materials and components which can be harmful to human health and or the environment.   

Whichever method is used to remove your data you can rely on RediVivus to do the job for you!

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