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As a company we understand that our activities can affect the environment and at RediVivus this is something that is of great concern to us. We are committed to act in ways that minimize any adverse environmental impacts and to maximize positive ones. So, for example, we have committed to:-

Environmental Policy

At RediVivus we are committed to providing high quality services but in a way that allows for a safe & healthy work place for our staff and which minimises any adverse impacts on the environment. We operate and comply fully with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and we work to promote the prevention of pollution and best environmental practices in all that we do.

We will:-

  1. Integrate the consideration of environmental matters and impacts as a key element of loft conversions stockport area all of our decision making & activities,
  2. Actively promote ethical and environmental awareness among our workers & staff  encouraging them to work in an environmentally responsible way,
  3. Provide the training, education and information to our employees about environmental issues that may affect them or their work,
  4. Reduce all waste through re use & recycling and by for ourselves purchase recycled, recyclable or re furbished products and materials where available, economical and suitable for our purposes,
  5. Actively promote the efficient use of materials & resources in our business including water, electricity, gas, raw materials and any other consumable resources, especially where they are non renewable,
  6. Avoid any unnecessary use of hazardous materials & products, seek out substitutions where possible and take all reasonable steps to protect the environment and human health when such materials must be used, stored and safely disposed of,
  7. Only purchase and use products  which are environmentally responsible,
  8. Where required by law or where human health, safety or environmental hazards exist, we will develop & maintain appropriate emergency & spill response programmes,
  9. Promote and communicate our environmental commitment to our clients, customers and the public and encourage them to support us..
  10. Work hard to continually improve our environmental performance & minimise the social impact and damage of activities by continually reviewing our environmental policy in light of our current and planned future activities and our performance & adherence to it.

     So that you can do your bit for the environment read our environmental & recycling tips!

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