Our Process

Starts when you decide you want to sell your laptop and is really straightforward.

  1. Go to our home page and click “start here”. This will bring up a page asking for the details of your laptop.
  2. Fill in the details as accurately as you can and when done click “finish”.
  3. We will review the details provided and email our quote back to you. We do not give instant automated quotes because this does NOT give best value for you. Instead your laptop details are reviewed and priced by an experienced IT Remarketing technician to ensure you get the maximum possible value for your laptop.
  4. If you accept our quote we will send you a box and label so that you can send the laptop to us.
  5. On receipt in we will check the laptop against the description given and then we will pay you the quoted amount by Cheque (sent by First Class Post or directly into your PayPal account if you prefer).
  6. If there is a significant difference in the from the details provide that materially affects the quote we will contact you so that you can decide if you want to accept the re quoted price or have your laptop returned to you.
  7. We then “asset manage” your laptop, record all the details and then perform data erasure - a full UK government, military standard disk wipe. This permanently erases all your data from the computer so that it can NEVER be recovered by anyone. For a small fee we can provide you with a certificate to prove that this has been done. Part of our procedure is to check all drive bays for discs, SD cards etc and if found these will be physically destroyed as will any hard disk drives that cannot be cleansed with our software (if broken for example).
  8. We then arrange to sell your laptop through our remarketing channels thus ensuring that that it has another lease of life.
  9. Where a laptop is not resaleable due its condition, age or marketability we send it to one of our specialist UK based and WEEE accredited recycling partners who will recover all the recyclable elements of it ensuring that none goes into land fill.


 With Redivivus you can be sure that:-

       Your laptop will a new lease of life.

       You will get maximum cash paid.

       Your personal data will never be seen by any one else.

       You are doing your bit for the environment

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