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Sell my iPad     UK
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Sell iPad for cash

Super Fast payment, Fair prices, Free shipping from RediVIVUS UK technology reuse Experts

If you wish to sell iPad 1, 2, 3 or 4 for cash in the UK you have come the right place. RediVivus are experts in re marketing technology and gadgets allowing their owners to get cash for iPads and tablet computers when they decide to upgrade to the latest model.

We offer a fair price, free shipping with SUPER FAST PAYMENT and a hassle free experience. Compare that to selling items especially attractive, desirable gadgets on E Bay and having to fend off the attentions of all the scammers out there - not to mention the fees and the time & effort it all takes.

What's more, using RediVivus means you can upgrade for only the difference in price of new to old and without to having to wait.  

Reuse is absolutely the best form of recycling so in addition to getting paid cash you will be doing your bit for the environment and helping to keep tech and gadgets out of landfill. Usually, Apple products such as the iPad have a product lifecycle of perhaps 1 year before Apple decide to release an newer, upgraded or completely remodelled version. This leaves us, the Apple junkies, desperate to get our hands on the latest model yet with (usually) a perfectly fine piece of old kit on our hands. That's where RediVivus steps in: -

We give you an easy outlet for you old iPad, giving you super fast payment enabling you to upgrade IMMEDIATELY.

And you don’t have to worry about your private data and settings - we ALWAYS wipe and reset back to factory settings every single iPad we receive even if you have forgotten to do it - this is just one part of the RediVivus service that people just love!  

We wipe all iPads we receive but would recommend you reset the device to clear your personal see the video opposite (courtesy of informal Gadget .com)

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You send us your iPad
Drop it off at the post office.
We find people prefer to do this rather than wait in for a courier to call.