The WEEE Directive. (mostly for corporate users of our services)

Is an EU Directive implemented into UK Law in 2007 to regulate the disposal of waste electronic and electrical equipment.

WEEE Compliance and Redivivus

We only accept working laptops as we are not a recycling company per se, however, in fulfilling our obligations in law when we cannot sell a laptop as a working item we use properly accredited recycling partners licensed by the Environment Agency.

About E-waste?

The WEEE directive prescribes that all redundant computers and and IT equipment are classed as E waste. It also prescribes that cathode ray tube CRT monitors are now classed as Hazardous waste. It is now ILLEGAL to export E Waste and/or Hazardous waste out of the UK. Although it does still happen the illegal exporters of E waste undermine the rest of us law-abiding businesses and risk harming human health and the environment in the important country. We at Redivivus take our obligations in Law and to the environment seriously.

Waste Duty of Care

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 regulates waste disposal and imposes a waste Duty of Care on all producers of waste, requiring them to ensure their waste is dealt with safely and within the law its production to its final disposal. This duty applies to anyone who produces waste from industry or business (not private citizens). All waste producers have to ensure their waste is carried and dealt with by properly authorised companies. The Environment Agency can prosecute companies who breach these regulations and who do not fulfil their duties and obligations. Your organisation has a Duty of Care enshrined in to take all reasonable measures to protect the environment.

Be aware that:

To fulfil our duty of care we at Redivivus perform audits on our recycling partners to ensure that they hold all the required Environment Agency permits.


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